Employment Information

Morgan Olson LLC is a recognized world leader in the design, engineering and production of aluminum and composite walk-in/cutaway truck bodies with a history of more than 75 years experience in delivery vehicles. We understand that in order to compete in today’s global marketplace we will need to maintain a talented and dedicated workforce therefore, as part of our on-going “Strategic Plan”, Morgan Olson will continually look for new team members for all areas of our business to continue its commitment to success. We offer exciting opportunities for both seasoned professionals and new employees who are just starting their careers and at Morgan Olson you will find unique challenges and opportunities to help you advance and grow in our business. Morgan Olson stresses equal treatment and opportunity without regard to race, color, age, gender, disability, religion, national origin, military status, veteran status or other protected characteristic.

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Application Process

As a government contractor, Morgan Olson has many administrative and contractual responsibilities. To remain in compliance with our Affirmative Action Plan, resumes received for open positions at Morgan Olson must be documented and all applicants surveyed for their race, gender, disability and veteran status. Morgan Olson also strives to maintain a drug –free workplace. All candidates must pass a pre-employment drug screen to be accepted for any opening.

For these reasons, the following applicant processes have been adopted by Morgan Olson:

For Hourly (Production and Skilled Trades) opportunities, please contact:

Employment Plus
116 S. Centerville Road
Sturgis, Michigan 49091

For Salaried (Administrative & Managerial) opportunities:

Applications for open positions will be accepted through our website. Applications of candidates who possess the advertised, basic qualifications for the positions listed will be accepted until the position is filled or closed.

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Morgan Olson LLC, is an Equal Opportunity Employer