Helpful tips & popular options worth considering for your new walk-in van...

Do you need a bulkhead/partition between the cab and cargo area?

What type of rear doors do you need?

Will you be backing up to a dock? What type of rear bumper? Would a lift gate help with your application?

Have you considered a safety back-up camera or sonar system?

Will you need additional cab or cargo venting? Is air conditioning available?

What kind of optional cab equipment do you need? Think of your car comforts. Have you found a drink holder handy?

Most walk-in vans are an office on wheels. Cab work tables, document holders, 12 v charging stations... even first aid kits.

Our safety tread provides added traction for drivers.

Would you like enhanced seating with lumbar support, arm rests or premium seat coverings?

Will you need passenger seating?

What color paint or decal work will finish your truck? Bumper and wheel rim colors...

Are there any critical cargo dimensions? Specific lengths to carry certain products or equipment. How much payload do you need?

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