You deserve a delivery van that works as hard as you do.
Improving the way you work... Since inventing the walk-in van over 60 years ago, Morgan Olson’s legacy has long understood the benefits of accessing cargo and improving delivery methods. The UDV provides the best of both worlds. Improving your fuel efficiencies and expediting your delivery processes to improve your business.


We listened to our customers
and went to work designing a delivery solution that sets a new standard in safety, quality and reliability. Whether you’re a fleet manager or a small business owner, you’ll benefit from the fuel economy and performance the UDV provides.

“Best In Class” Performance.
Many major fleets have field tested the UDV and the results are in. Across the board, the UDV is the vehicle of choice. Impressive looks and unmatched performance place Morgan Olson’s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle (UDV) in a class of its own.