The Walk-In Step Van Advantage

From its long-life all-aluminum construction to its superior driver ergonomics and comfort, the Morgan Olson walk-in step van is the gold standard of delivery vehicles. Compared to traditional cargo vans and box trucks, the walk-in step van outperforms in every category for superior safety and efficiency.

Advantages Over Cargo Vans and Box Trucks

  • Productivity: Reduced loading/unloading time
  • Protection: Ergonomic design and decreased exposure to traffic
  • Profit: Save time and money with the most efficient deliveries

Morgan Olson’s walk-in step vans are designed with maximum efficiency in mind. Every aspect of the walk-in step van — from entrance points to cab and cargo space — contributes to increased driver performance and profitability. The curbside exit feature combined with  cargo access from the cab allows drivers to complete stops in as little time as possible.

Curbside Exit

The low entry step and curbside access ensure the quickest possible entrance and exit from the van.

High-Frequency Stops

Walk-in step vans allow for quicker, more frequent stops to save time and maximize productivity.

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Cab-to-Cargo direct access

Drivers can enter and exit the vehicle more quickly with direct access to the cargo area from the cab.

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Rear Cargo Access

Several customizable options for bumpers, doors and ramps can be customized for your products or services.

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The walk-in step van promotes driver wellness and efficiency at every stop. The ergonomic cab space optimizes driver comfort with full stand-up height and a safe, functional seat design. The cab-to-cargo access prevents drivers from entering dangerous traffic and decreases the time spent at each stop.

Ergonomic Cab Design

Upright seating, full height ceilings and low entry/exit step height reduce joint stress, fatigue and risk of injury for drivers, unlike typical cab-chassis trucks.

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Hip-Line (H-Line) Ergonomics

The ergonomic design of the driver's seat provides an elevated seat level compared to box trucks and cargo vans.

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Rear Step Bumper

The low step height of the rear cargo access is more efficient than a box truck with dock height rear entrance and even cargo vans.

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Cargo Access from Cab

Entry to the endlessly customizable cargo area reduces risk of injury and saves time.

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The walk-in step van by Morgan Olson is carefully constructed with driver and cargo safety in mind. From the ergonomic cab area to the endlessly customizable cargo space, the walk-in step van ensures every stop is as safe as possible. These features eliminate the dangers of exiting into traffic and retrieving cargo from the rear door only.

Curbside Exit

The curbside exit limits driver exposure to traffic and promotes safety for every stop.

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Ergonomic Cab Design

The cab area is designed for the driver's optimum safety and comfort.

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Customizable Cargo Area

The customizable cargo area ensures safe and proper storage of all products during transportation.

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360° Camera

Drivers can easily access a range of views around their vehicle, including a standard back-up camera and a 360° surrounding view for complete safety.

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The walk-in step van provides superior performance compared to other traditional delivery trucks. With Morgan Olson’s customization capabilities, vehicles are never one-size-fits-all. Each van is tailored to meet the specific demands of your business, and carefully crafted with a durable aluminum design. The walk-in step van is the delivery truck industry standard.

Large Cargo Volume

Infinitely adjustable shelving in the cargo area provides ample space for the transportation of your specific products.

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Endlessly Customizable

Our versatile customization process has endless options to meet the demands of your business.

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Long-Lasting Construction

The durable aluminum construction is designed to endure years of travel and delivery stops.

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Built with heavy-duty aluminum and a reinforced foundation for cargo, the Morgan Olson walk-in step van is a powerful, reliable vehicle which can adapt to meet the specific needs of almost any industry. We construct each vehicle with first-rate materials, and rigorously inspect all components to ensure lifelong dependability.

All-Aluminum Body

The durable aluminum construction is designed to endure years of travel and heavy-duty deliveries.

Patented Infinitely Adjustable Shelving

The cargo area is tailored to meet the demands of your business, with versatile shelving to accommodate any product.

Best Performance

From fuel efficiency to driver productivity, every detail of the vehicle is crafted to ensure the best performance at each stop.

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Versatile Vehicles for Every Industry

Customizing a walk-in step van for your business isn’t just a one-way street — we’re here to collaborate with you through every step of the process. Purpose-built and endlessly customizable, Morgan Olson walk-in step vans are the industry standard for commercial delivery trucks. After determining the needs of your business, our team will help customize the vehicle for the unique demands of your industry.

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